My review will include both the pool and landscaping design and construction together because I see them as somewhat inseparable. I had worked with a couple different companies and in every case they would simply take my ‘requirements’ and ideas and regurgitate my exact thinking into their design. Well I’m not a professional pool designer / landscaper so my ideas may have not been the right thing to do. Ace was different because while spending time to understand my requirements, he was also trying to understand the underlying intent. He came back to us with several options, one that was the verbatim design of my requirements and then a few others that were his ideas based on his understanding of the intent behind my requirements. He provided digitized mockups that made it very easy to visualize what the end result would look like. He provided great recommendations that would both improve the design but also provided us with options that could reduce cost. For context, we have a very large yard by Vegas standards. This allowed us to have a HUGE pool and still have plenty of room for some grass (fake) area, large deck, RV parking, etc. The pool is ~40,000 gallons that includes a deep end with slide and diving board, oversized hot tub, toddler pool and a full length 25m swim lane (seriously). It’s totally unique, looks great and has something for everyone (toddlers, kids, teens, adults). I have seldom been through a process like this where the final result looks exactly like the initial design but this was amazingly identical. The final result looks spectacular and looks exactly like the visualizations we reviewed together and approved for the design. The design of the pool and the decking blend seamlessly into the style of our home. I had to completely trust his judgment on the landscaping (not knowing anything about it) and we love the result. We have an oasis in the backyard that’s easy to maintain and looks great. Ace managed the entire process, clearly knew all of the contractors and was onsite constantly throughout the project to oversee the work, provide on the fly changes that were appropriate and make sure we were progressing as expected. We started on time, he handled all the paperwork and coordination with inspectors, and fixed anything that we felt wasn’t quite right. We finished a little later than expected by a month or so but we hit some very cold weather spells that slowed things down a little but nothing unreasonable.