Take the boredom of cooking inside by yourself to the outside with a custom designed, fully equipped outdoor kitchen. Choose from a selection of features including built in grills, griddles, Eggs, Traegers, refrigerators, kegerators, and custom built pizza ovens. From the simplest to the most elaborate, the limits today are endless. Just don’t be stuck inside cooking when the weather is beautiful and the fun, excitement, and entertaining is going on.

green o aces outdoor living las vegasLiving Areas

We are constantly wanting to be outside in nature, free from the stress and constraints of life.  This is where outdoor living areas takes over. Outdoor living areas are typically a separate space from an outdoor kitchen. They can be covered areas or open but the area is a defined space that offers relaxation in the fresh outdoor air. They can be equipped with fire pits, fireplaces, couches and tables, and everything else up to a full entertainment systems with ceiling fans and electrical outlets.


Add elegance and comfort to your outdoor sanctuary. Fireplaces tend to be a more intimate, smaller area with a couch and coffee table and nothing sets the mood quite like the flicker of an open flame on a cool evening. A fireplace will also attract your eye from the inside and lure you outside to enjoy the evening. Fireplaces are the focal point in your outdoor space and are an important factor in keeping the theme of the house.   Such accents that can be added to make sure the style runs from the inside out are decorative elements; such as a hearth, mantel, stone and tile. Fireplaces create a romantic ambiance and encourages intimate conversation.

contact las vegas pool builderFire pits

They can add elegance or nostalgia/a little rustic with a fire pit. They tend to not be so dominating in size but larger in area that welcomes bigger gathers for conversation, laughter, and storytelling. Let’s not also forget about the fun kids (and yes, us Adults) have with making s’mores.



green-o-aces-patio-cover-las-vegasPatio covers

Enjoying the outside but getting out of the sun can be a challenge here in the Las Vegas Valley. There are several outdoor living options to remedy this. Patio covers can be completely covered or have slates or latticed for the open air feel while still providing some shade. Patio covers can be either free-standing or attached to an existing structure. This is the area were most people will gather during our 365-day sunshine weather.